Blog 13 Introduction Pitches

First Idea; Explain fear & define.

Second Idea; Start off with factual information and analyze it. With the analysis I will incorporate it with my claim. 


Blog 13 Essays & Grades

I believe all the essays deserve the grade of B to an A. I do not think that UNIV 200 is an easy class by any means. I just feel like anyone that can sit and construct sixteen pages of information and research information deserves credit for trying. And what about effort? People’s writing style may be different but what I take from an essay may be completely different from the person who wrote it and someone else who will read it other than me. 

Book Banning-90;  a lot of sources which led to  lot of information

Achievement Gap-92 it was a lot of factual information which isn’t bad but I would have liked the authors opinion more.

Avian Intelligence-95; VERY organized but it was very boring. Your topic has a lot to do with whether  your audience will be more willing to read your paper. 

Blog 12 Official Research Question

How does being a heterosexual male vs a homosexual male change the dynamic of shame and fear when they are raped?

The connection I have mainly made through my sources is that men rape is very brutal and the fear dynamic doesn’t change from sexual orientation types or gender. 


Two Potential Titles

Dynamic of Fear

Rape: The Unspoken Fear

Blog 11 illustration of Research

My official research question is how does being a heterosexual male versus homosexual male change the dynamic of shame and fear when they are raped?

My approach for my Illustration of Research is a traditional style essay. My subtopics I chose to put in my paper are:

  • the effects of rape on men
  • homosexual male fear/shame
  • heterosexual male fear/shame

During my research there was a bunch of talking about how men physical and emotional state takes a long term effect so I felt like that was two of the most important things. Also the long term effects and how they effect the rest of their life. I wanted to compare and contrast those effects to heterosexual and homosexual males. I want to explore why be shamed about something you have no control over. Society think men have control and strength over being raped. My sources talk about the effects on men and then talk about how homosexuality and heterosexuality differ from one another. With homosexuality it talks about how they compare with women and contrast with men.

Blog 10 60 Minutes Saving Endangered Species

In the short documentary it talked about the wild and exotic animals that lived on land in Texas. The animals originated there from Asia and Africa, taken by a circus that never returned to their homeland. The exotic animals are endangered almost to be extinct but the people who drive a little out of San Antonio feel like they are hunting on the reserves in Africa. These hunters are in the mind set that they are saving the animals by risking the life of one animal to create a plethora more. 

The subtopics of the documentary were how the hunters were profiting from the animals. They felt like they loved the animals and they were saving them. As resources they had a few hunters who thought what they were doing was the right thing to do. But in reality they were keeping these animals to kill them and make a profit off of them. The other subtopic was those who felt like the hunters were  and out of their mind. They did not love the animals and did not want to keep them alive. They strictly just wanted a profit of these rare breed animals. They had the Wildlife and Fish people to back them up. They wanted to remove these animals because they felt as though they were not animals for hunting on the US soil. Also, they had the Animal Rights people who of course disagreed and a farmer who had some of the animals that roamed his property. He believed the animals were not for hunting as well. 

The video did offer a claim but it wasn’t a claim that some would agree it. A lot of people agreed that it was okay to kill these animals because the profit that was made is indeed for the well being of these animals. My view is that it is wrong and these animals should not be killed on US soil. I believe they should all be taken back to their homes (Asia and Africa) and roam free where they belong. 

Blog 9 Posting of a Photo

ImageI chose this photo as a non scholar source because I don’t think people are aware at how frequent male rape occurs. When we hear the word “rape” we automatically think about females. But there are so many men that experience the same as thousands of females. They experience traumatic experiences that are difficult to talk about. It can help one of the sub categories in my paper about Self Recovery and Self Blame.

Blog 8 Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis

The analysis “Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis” showed some disturbing information. The study included a total of 40 males who completed these surveys to share their stories. All of the males experienced some form of assault if not fearing for their lives. It talked about the long term effects that it had on the men and how these men have all experienced conflict with their sexuality whether they were heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. In the analysis they talked about the things they were forced to do during their assault. Most of the attackers felt as though the victim either deserved to be brutally attacked or they wanted the sexual acts to happen.

This source can really help my paper because it talks about the differences among heterosexual attacks and the homosexuals attacks. It showed the the differences among long term effects and how each went about reporting the attacks. It definitely is a difference. Although both the homosexual males and heterosexual males both have the same mental effects, they differ in the way they control their mental behavior. Homosexual males are more open to talk about their feelings and the way they feel about what happened. Whereas heterosexual males are more prone to feel in control of the situation. They either like to completely block the assault or they’re ranged with anger and feel like it happened because of what they’ve done in their life.


Archer, John, Ph.D., Davies, Michelle, Ph.D., Walker, Jane, B.Sc, “Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis.”  Archives of Sexual Behavior 34.1 (2005): 69-80. Print.