All About Me : )

Hi! I am Ciara and I am a sophomore this year majoring in Early Elementary Education. I am from Washington, DC and that’s been home since birth! I am a dreamer, a thinker, and a lover! I enjoy life as much as possible and I love meeting people on the way. I’m not good at talking about myself so if you want…facebook me! I would love to meet some of my classmates! Facebook name is Ciara Roberts!

Hope to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “All About Me : )

  1. Hi Ciara –

    Glad to have you in the class, and I’m glad you finally got your WordPress difficulties worked out! Is there a specific grade you’d like to work with in elementary schools, and why?

    Looking forward to working with you –


    • Thank you for being understanding! I am studying to be a elementary school teacher and particularly pre kindergarten. For all of high school I have worked with children and most of the jobs I have had has been with children. I love them and love to teach them.

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