Fear of a Black President Blog 4 Assignment

In the article ‘Fear of a Black President’ the author makes the claim that President Barack Obama has never dealt with race throughout his term of being president. I do agree with this…President Obama has never dealt with race throughout his presidency. This article really has me fired up because I feel like it is an over analyzed article trying to depict through quotes, interviews, and President Obama to show some type of racism when in reality it does not exist. Being a black president is loads of pressure and I can only imagine. If President Obama puts any type of political, media breaking, or any other type of issue categorized into race he would out of line. It would give the entire world something to talk about if President Obama talked about anything with race.

I agree with the argument that Obama has yet to talk about race. Why would he? It would give all the people who dislike something else to talk about the reasons why they dislike him being in office. I honestly do not understand why race is such a big issue. I don’t understand why racism still exists. Race would be the center of America’s attention if he spoke upon it. This article has a lot of quotes from different people who the author uses to make his claim.

As far as my approach to research, I would want to interview President Obama himself to get his insight because no one knows what he is thinking but himself and I would like to get many interviews from people who dislike him and care so much as to why he never brings the subject of race into any of his decisions that he makes. I don’t understand why that is such a worry to so many people.

One thought on “Fear of a Black President Blog 4 Assignment

  1. You make a good point by noting that he didn’t have a reason to bring up race beforehand, and that doing so could have incited accusations by opponents of Obama. Think about, if you were writing this article yourself, what evidence you could have used to back up this claim.

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