Possible Research Topics-Blog 3 Assigment

I am confused as to what I should write about. I am not sure and looking at the list provided this is causing me to do critical thinking which I am not good at doing and it makes my brain hurt. When it comes to writing, I am always indecisive about what I should write and I always need constant approval step by step. Here are some possible topics that I’ve been thinking about:

  • The dominance of male and female in a marriage/relationship.
  • Effects of rape/molestation on males and females in their childhood.
  • The origins and cultural significance of African-American names

For the first one, it generated from a class discussion from Women’s Studies. We talked about what defines dominance. And we definitely had an opinion of men are dominate because they are males and eighty percent of us felt that this was untrue. We discussed so how do we classify dominance in a relationship. For the second one I am always amazed at how many people I meet or observe and you find out the history of people…and it either makes or breaks them. For my third topic, I stole it off of the list that was given to us on the handout.

The topic I think will be suitable for a semester long project is the effects of rape/molestation on males and females. Not only am I concentrating on one gender but both genders. Also I would like to research rape and molestation as they are similar but also completely different. I would be interested in the lifelong effects from the time the rape/molestation occurs until the time he/she is older.


One thought on “Possible Research Topics-Blog 3 Assigment

  1. Hi Ciara –

    The first issue seems like it is rather broad at this point and would need to be narrowed significantly, given the scope of our project here, but I too am really intrigued by the second issue, particularly male rape victims. Would male victims be less likely to report the incident and seek help? How do socially prescribed gender roles influence how male and female rape victims handle their victimization differently?

    I have always been fascinated by the third question and would love to see you tackle it if you want to — the last person who discussed it researched the history of first and last names among African Americans and interpreted why so many people are “inventing” names for their children now, and what all of the newly standard names for men and women mean for African American culture. I

    Feel free to email if you have questions, but I think you could develop an excellent project out of either of these.


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