Prison Without Walls Blog Response

Prison Without Walls by Graeme Wood was a very interesting read to me. The issue in the article focused on  how prisons, governments, and whoever else saved money by having the BI ExacuTrack AT. Also I feel like it focused on the mindset or social behavior it had on the people that were required to wear these tracking devices. And basically this was a tracking device placed on the leg that located your every move. 

The writer himself chose to put the tracking device on himself to get the same experience the convicts were getting. By doing this he went through everything the convict went through and experienced everything the convict experienced. Wood also incorporated statistical data and a few lines of a brief interview with someone who wore the tracking device by force. 

The article was well written and very easy to follow which is perfect for me. I try to make my writings easy flowing and understandable because I hate reading and having to highlight and reread the article. Also it has to do how passionate I am about the topic and if I enjoy researching the topic. If I don’t have one hundred percent into something I am writing about then nine times out of ten my writing will reflect that. 

As far the tracking devices go, I sort of feel like it is inhumane to have these big devices on your log for extended periods of time. They are a great way to cut down the cost and governments save a lot of money.  It also keeps our prison system less populated with the not so vicious crimes. Someone can be creative to think of a better way to monitor these convicts out on the streets. Honestly they can decrease the size of them. As far as technology has progressed they can make the devices a thinner band with a tracking device built inside of them. The device is a great way to cut down the expense but they can upgrade to a better way of the tracking devices being more discreet on the body. 


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