Blog 5 Assignment-Primary Resource.

I am amazed.


2 thoughts on “Blog 5 Assignment-Primary Resource.

  1. I find “amazed” to be an understatement. That was a very compelling read and you will definitely grab people’s attention with a paper on this subject. I would suggest doing an initial broad search for other possible sources related to rape/molestation among males and females of all ages/races/etc., backgrounds, prison cases or not, etc. and just seeing if a possible focused topic jumps out at you. The more initial research you do on the matter, the more these questions will form themselves. Why do social labels affect whether or not an individual will seek help in regards to sexual abuse? How could the public be educated and be made more aware of these occurrences? These are possible questions to consider in addition to the main focus of how rape/molestation affects males and females throughout their entire lives.

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