Blog 6 Posting Official Research Question

How does being a heterosexual male vs a homosexual male change the dynamic of shame and fear when they are

This is my research question and I am excited. I am interested to research how heterosexual and homosexual males react toward being raped.

Words that I would research:

  • heterosexual males
  • homosexual males
  • male rape
  • shame of male rape
  • male fear of rape
  • homosexual and heterosexual rape

Archer, John, Ph.D., Davies, Michelle, Ph.D., Walker, Jane, B.Sc, “Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis.”  Archives of Sexual Behavior 34.1 (2005): 69-80. Print.


One thought on “Blog 6 Posting Official Research Question

  1. I wonder if your question has changed a bit by now as you’ve continued to research the topic. It’s a very interesting topic as males aren’t normally the gender that comes to mind when people think about rape victims.

    Other search terms: male rape victims, male rape reaction, therapy for male rape victims

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