Blog 8 Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis

The analysis “Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis” showed some disturbing information. The study included a total of 40 males who completed these surveys to share their stories. All of the males experienced some form of assault if not fearing for their lives. It talked about the long term effects that it had on the men and how these men have all experienced conflict with their sexuality whether they were heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. In the analysis they talked about the things they were forced to do during their assault. Most of the attackers felt as though the victim either deserved to be brutally attacked or they wanted the sexual acts to happen.

This source can really help my paper because it talks about the differences among heterosexual attacks and the homosexuals attacks. It showed the the differences among long term effects and how each went about reporting the attacks. It definitely is a difference. Although both the homosexual males and heterosexual males both have the same mental effects, they differ in the way they control their mental behavior. Homosexual males are more open to talk about their feelings and the way they feel about what happened. Whereas heterosexual males are more prone to feel in control of the situation. They either like to completely block the assault or they’re ranged with anger and feel like it happened because of what they’ve done in their life.


Archer, John, Ph.D., Davies, Michelle, Ph.D., Walker, Jane, B.Sc, “Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis.”  Archives of Sexual Behavior 34.1 (2005): 69-80. Print.


3 thoughts on “Blog 8 Effects of Rape on Men: A Descriptive Analysis

  1. This is interesting. I think your summary is clear as you give specific information from the source.

    Have you considered doing a small section on male children who get raped? Or is your paper solely on adult males?

  2. Hey Ciara,
    I was really interested to see the information you pulled from your source. I am aware that men can be raped as well as women, but I didn’t ever think about the impact it would have on a man’s sexuality after being attacked. I know that sounds stupid, but in my mind I’m so used to hearing over and over again that generalized “men are the rapists, women are the victims”, that I didn’t even consider the long lasting affects that this would have on a male victim. Because I’ve never considered it from a m ale victim’s perspective, it was definitely interesting to get that overall synopsis about the ways they are affected as well. Have you considered selecting a specific age range for males that are most susceptible to these attacks, and the common symptoms they experience after the fact? It might be helpful to the reader to see the broad range of long lasting as well as short term influences have on male victims, standardizing their age would show the reader just how different/ individual/ unique encounter manifests itself after the attacks

  3. Wow! Your summary certainly caught my attention. For a subject as sensitive as this, even generally outlining what the article discusses was enough to warrant a strong reaction from me. I’m interested to read your paper because men can be raped as well, and it does affect men also. I’m interested in learning more about the psychological effects that it causes because I’m a Psychology major and it just adds another layer of how to better understand an emotionally traumatic situation that some men endure in their lives. I think this source is spot on with your research question. It clearly discusses differences between heterosexual and homosexual attacks, the effects and methods of self-reporting and how they were done, and some initial, solid findings of these reports.

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