Blog 9 Posting of a Photo

ImageI chose this photo as a non scholar source because I don’t think people are aware at how frequent male rape occurs. When we hear the word “rape” we automatically think about females. But there are so many men that experience the same as thousands of females. They experience traumatic experiences that are difficult to talk about. It can help one of the sub categories in my paper about Self Recovery and Self Blame.


2 thoughts on “Blog 9 Posting of a Photo

  1. This is a very telling photo – although it’s a bit depressing it can help you as a writer relay to your reader the severity of your subject. While articles can tell you a lot about the subject, this photo has a more in your face approach. Have you thought of how you will incorporate this into your work?

  2. I agree with Julia. It’s definitely an attention-grabbing photo not only through the picture but also the words. I think it’s a great source to appeal to the visually-oriented readers that would help keep them engaged and interested in the story.

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