Blog 10 60 Minutes Saving Endangered Species

In the short documentary it talked about the wild and exotic animals that lived on land in Texas. The animals originated there from Asia and Africa, taken by a circus that never returned to their homeland. The exotic animals are endangered almost to be extinct but the people who drive a little out of San Antonio feel like they are hunting on the reserves in Africa. These hunters are in the mind set that they are saving the animals by risking the life of one animal to create a plethora more. 

The subtopics of the documentary were how the hunters were profiting from the animals. They felt like they loved the animals and they were saving them. As resources they had a few hunters who thought what they were doing was the right thing to do. But in reality they were keeping these animals to kill them and make a profit off of them. The other subtopic was those who felt like the hunters were  and out of their mind. They did not love the animals and did not want to keep them alive. They strictly just wanted a profit of these rare breed animals. They had the Wildlife and Fish people to back them up. They wanted to remove these animals because they felt as though they were not animals for hunting on the US soil. Also, they had the Animal Rights people who of course disagreed and a farmer who had some of the animals that roamed his property. He believed the animals were not for hunting as well. 

The video did offer a claim but it wasn’t a claim that some would agree it. A lot of people agreed that it was okay to kill these animals because the profit that was made is indeed for the well being of these animals. My view is that it is wrong and these animals should not be killed on US soil. I believe they should all be taken back to their homes (Asia and Africa) and roam free where they belong. 


One thought on “Blog 10 60 Minutes Saving Endangered Species

  1. I believe that no direct claim was stated and that the argument was balanced, even though more sources were obtained on the side of the conservationists. Let’s look at the “lack of support” for the animal rights groups. How many animal rights groups deal specifically with exotic animals? PETA certainly isn’t interested in exotic animals or there would have been a representative to speak about it. Also, the hunters had to PAY money to hunt these animals, so it was the ranchers that were profiting for the hunt, not the hunters themselves. Paul was excited for the hunt itself and because the money was going to conservation methods to support breeding and maintenance of the exotic animals. This is where the US Fish and Wildlife Service showed its initial support that hunting provided economic incentives for ranchers to breed these animals and that hunting reduced the threat of extinction because these were private lands that the ranchers were letting people come hunt on, so they could control what the hunters could and could not do, which they did. They later reversed their decision in the court system.

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