Blog 11 illustration of Research

My official research question is how does being a heterosexual male versus homosexual male change the dynamic of shame and fear when they are raped?

My approach for my Illustration of Research is a traditional style essay. My subtopics I chose to put in my paper are:

  • the effects of rape on men
  • homosexual male fear/shame
  • heterosexual male fear/shame

During my research there was a bunch of talking about how men physical and emotional state takes a long term effect so I felt like that was two of the most important things. Also the long term effects and how they effect the rest of their life. I wanted to compare and contrast those effects to heterosexual and homosexual males. I want to explore why be shamed about something you have no control over. Society think men have control and strength over being raped. My sources talk about the effects on men and then talk about how homosexuality and heterosexuality differ from one another. With homosexuality it talks about how they compare with women and contrast with men.


3 thoughts on “Blog 11 illustration of Research

  1. I can’t wait until you finish this paper!! I’m really excited to see what you come up with…especially with rape happening to men. Most people think just because men are considered strong that they can prevent things from happening which is not the case.

  2. I like how you have separated the different types of rape that can leave different effects. It’s a very compelling subject as rape can leave the victim very emotionally scarred. Good luck and e-mail me if you need any advice!

  3. I don’t think you could go wrong with either the essay or a visual concept map in terms of your Illustration of Research. With the essay, you can expound on your supporting evidence and draw out how they interact with each other within each of your subtopics. Have you been able to identify any other subtopics you could explore in the paper?

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